Different Kinds of Poles

August 29, 2010

Curious as to what kind of pole to purchase? Here are your options…

Stationary Dancer Pole

If you only want to use the pole in one place, then the stationary dancer pole is for you.  The pole can be mounted under a ceiling joist or concrete. The pole can created to the hight you need and the pole is then attached to the ceiling using brackets.

Removable Dancer Pole

If you want to be able to move or remove the pole at  any time then the SEMI-PERMANENT/removable pole is perfect. This way you can remove the dancing pole when you need the space for another activity or just want it put away. This is also a very secure pole on which you can do tricks and flips. A mount under a ceiling joist is needed; it can be ordered as one piece or adjustable. These poles are easy to put up and take down. You can move them from place to place or even by car. The pole is connected to the ceiling by tension

Podium Dancer Pole

If you want to be able to move the pole from room to room or house to house, you will want a Stripper Pole w/ Stage – These poles do not fit from the floor to the ceiling. Usually this type of pole comes attached to a base. This kind of pole is used in clubs and for teaching and dance halls and is very sturdy.

How to Pole Dance For Fitness

August 18, 2010