City Beat Makeover event March 26

March 23, 2012
FPF with City Beat at U31

Join Fun Pole Fitness and City Beat at U-31 March 26 at 7pm and help us find a model for our Make-Over! Get fit with pole dance classes at FPF!

Different Kinds of Poles

August 29, 2010

Curious as to what kind of pole to purchase? Here are your options…

Stationary Dancer Pole

If you only want to use the pole in one place, then the stationary dancer pole is for you.  The pole can be mounted under a ceiling joist or concrete. The pole can created to the hight you need and the pole is then attached to the ceiling using brackets.

Removable Dancer Pole

If you want to be able to move or remove the pole at  any time then the SEMI-PERMANENT/removable pole is perfect. This way you can remove the dancing pole when you need the space for another activity or just want it put away. This is also a very secure pole on which you can do tricks and flips. A mount under a ceiling joist is needed; it can be ordered as one piece or adjustable. These poles are easy to put up and take down. You can move them from place to place or even by car. The pole is connected to the ceiling by tension

Podium Dancer Pole

If you want to be able to move the pole from room to room or house to house, you will want a Stripper Pole w/ Stage – These poles do not fit from the floor to the ceiling. Usually this type of pole comes attached to a base. This kind of pole is used in clubs and for teaching and dance halls and is very sturdy.

Pole Fitness

July 7, 2010

Pole Fitness is a blooming in the fitness world! Although it used to have a negative stigmata associated with objectifying women, the same people are now taking classes to reep the benefits from the pole fitness classes.It is so much fun and such a great workout, why wouldn’t you want to try? People have found that the workout is more interesting and actually harder then a lot of their other spinning, yoga, and pilates classes.

Benefits of Pole Dancing….

June 24, 2010

Curios to hear some of the benefits of pole fitness? Listen as Megan, an instructor in Utah talks about some of the main outcomes of pole dancing.

Looking for a fun workout?

May 12, 2010

What better way to get in shape is there than working the pole? Fun Pole Fitness offers a new and unique approach to getting healthy and fit.

Pole dancing is the most fun you can have while building your confidence, strength, flexibility and self esteem. Classes at Fun Pole Fitness are a blend of creative movement, strength training, and… FUN of course its a workout that you will enjoy as much as girls night out.

FUNdementails of Fun Pole Fitness

April 7, 2010

The Fundementals 

Never forget the fundamental idea behind pole dancing – it is nothing other than sheer FUN! Make sure to put your heart and mind to the dance. Do it for yourself and for the sheer love for it. Like any form of exercising, the first initial days of endorphins will never be given any priority by you if you start having fun and letting yourself into the dance completely. Once you let yourself into the dance, you will never desire to come off the pole. When you dance to your heart’s content, when you don’t want it to stop, that’s when your body starts to respond to it by shedding off the extra calories. All the unwanted fat gets burned out and you can feel the whole new feeling in you.

It is not a matter that is to be taken lightly. I have witnessed the elation and excitement the people who pole dance have, resuming their practice at home and having a blast of a time. But if you belong to the group of people who proceed with the idea in mind and judge themselves on the basis of the progress made or those who are not enjoying the thrill offered by the dance, are the ones who end up without making any kind of advancement. Make sure to have a helluva time. After all life is worth enjoying!

Empowerment Through Pole Fitness

February 22, 2010

The room is dark, except for strobe lights. Sultry music pulses from the speakers. A redhead approaches one of several metal poles positioned around the room and grabs onto it with ease, spinning down to the floor. Then, she stands and encourages the four women behind her to take a turn. Welcome to pole fitness. Made popular first in larger cities, pole dancing has been a growing trend in women’s exercise practice, combining cardiovascular exercise, flexibility and strength training. “When you’re doing tricks on a pole,” said Raven Dill, the aforementioned dancer and instructor of Ladies Pole Fitness at Chattanooga DanceSport, “you’re doing weight lifting.” She explained that pole dancers have to rely on their own strength to lift their body weight, usually upward of 100 pounds. Rhonda Tinsley, who has taught belly dancing and sensual movement classes at Chattanooga DanceSport for years, also instructs pole classes. She calls it a great way to combine fun and fitness. “Pole dancing is great cardiovascular work,” she said. “It’s good for upper and lower body at the same time. It’s a great fat burning workout. It will give you all the benefits of any other fitness program, except it’s a lot more fun. It has a “whee” factor, like swinging on the monkey bars at school.” The environment of the class is low pressure and supportive. At times the women work individually, paying no mind to one another. At other times, they call encouragement, applauding when one of the students executes an elusive upside down, no-hands move. Ms. Dill moves from student to student. “Gorgeous,” she compliments one. Leigh Cox, who is attending her second class, attempts an inversion with the help of Ms. Tinsley and Ms. Dill. “If it’s hard to do, you’re doing it right, Ms. Dill said. Ms. Cox said she loves the endorphin rush of achieving something she thought beyond her scope of ability. “I’ve never been more sore,” she said after the class. “But it’s definitely a high.” “The endorphins are pumping,” added her friend Chasity Knierim. After practicing some different techniques, Ms. Dill guides the students through a routine set to Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette.” She performs it for them once and then leads them, calling out each step. Pole dancing, she said, makes her feel strong. “There are body builders out there who cannot do the things I can do.” Various workout trends that incorporate exercise with sensuality, such as pole dancing, have been touted as proponents of feminist empowerment. I think when you feel very strong and capable, when you’re suddenly able to do something you didn’t dream you could do, and you have a lot more strength, you can feel it in your body,” said Ms. Tinsley. “You can move in ways that are sensual and alluring, and when you do it just for yourself, that’s very empowering.”