Pole Dancing Better Than Yoga?

July 31, 2010

When people think of pole dancing, they usually think of a sleezy strip club. However, pole dancing has been used as an excellent source of exercise recently and some even say, they feel it is better than yoga. People who have been recently using pole dancing as a means of exercise have maintained that they feel the most fit they ever had in their lives. It has even been said that pole dancing was even considered to be used in the Olympics. With all this recognition…. will you hop on the nearest pole and give it a try?

Kendra’s Poles!

July 12, 2010

Even celebrities are in on the pole fitness craze. Star of the hit show ” The Girls Next Door” and “Kendra” and NFL player Hank Baskett’s wife, Kendra has her own personal line of sport poles. These dance poles are created with all different types of women in mind, those with little pole experience and for the best of the best pole dancers. The pole is a stationary, chrome pole that features the new X-joint technology and is adjustable for different ceiling heights. Try some pole dancing to get in shape! Even the celebrities are in on it….

Pole Fitness

July 7, 2010

Pole Fitness is a blooming in the fitness world! Although it used to have a negative stigmata associated with objectifying women, the same people are now taking classes to reep the benefits from the pole fitness classes.It is so much fun and such a great workout, why wouldn’t you want to try? People have found that the workout is more interesting and actually harder then a lot of their other spinning, yoga, and pilates classes.