How Home Pole Dancing Can Change Your Figure and Your Feelings About Your Body

October 29, 2009

24pole_600The majority of people understand the concept of pole dancing, but had no idea that you can work out in your own home by pole dancing.

This does not require a major installation of a pole in your basement. You can quickly put up a pole without any cosmetic damage to your ceiling, yet it can safely hold up to 220 pounds.

When looking for a pole dancing pole, you must be very mindful that you get the right one. There are a lot of cheap imitation poles on the market that will now hold your weight with your feet off the ground.

Who wants to own a pole that you can only dance around and around? You need a pole that will hold your body weight easily.

One of the biggest reasons to own a pole is because of the fitness benefits. You will practice and become better and fitter. So, girlfriend, keep your options open by purchasing a pole that will hold your weight if you decide to hang upside down!

Pole dancing at home is a fun, sexy way to tone your muscles and get fit again. It can also help you bring out that sexy part of yourself!

If you are considering home pole dancing as a fitness routine, you need to gather all of the information about the poles available on the market. Invest in the right one!

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Pole Parties

October 21, 2009

mgpp_049Pole parties are especially popular for stagettes and birthday celebrations, but also make a great theme for a girls night out for no reason at all. They can take place in your home if the studio or party presenter has a portable pole (many do), or in a pole dancing studio if there’s one in your area.

Often the guests will share the cost of hiring the party presenter, and if the party is for a guest of honor such as a bride-to-be or a birthday girl, the other guests will usually cover her portion of the fee. In this way, apole party becomes a very affordable alternative to a “dinner and drinks” type of girls’ night out.

To plan a successful pole dancing party, you’ll first need to locate a pole dancing studio or instructor. If you live in a larger city, chances are there’s one nearby. You can always do a quick online search for your area as well. Or ask around among your friends…you never know who among them might be a closet pole dancer already!

Once you’ve found someone qualified to facilitate your party, you’ll need to make sure you get all the information you’ll need to plan your night of fun.

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Dance pole fitness : 2 biggest mistakes most newbies make

October 14, 2009

Mistake number 1, miss this idea and you should just stop now!RotatingImage_Pole1

At the risk of sounding trite or cliché I will lay it on the line. HAVE FUN! That is what pole dancing is all about. First and foremost you should be doing this for yourself and you should love it. Once you start having fun and letting yourself go and enjoying the endorphins will flow and time will fly. You won’t desireto come off the pole. When you are having so much fun you don’t want to stop that is when calories are burned and bodies are changed.

I don’t say this lightly. I see the people who are just letting go and having a blast come back again and again and practice at home. The ones that get inside their heads and judge themselves or others aren’t enjoying the moment and they end up stopping before any progress is made. Make this your time and have a ball, we all need more fun in our lives.

Mistake number 2, Make this mistake and you may have a broken leg…

If you are having a blast pole dancing and getting exercise, and you will then you will want to get a pole for your home. I can’t recommend this enough. For a one time investment you will have an incredible piece of fitness equipment that will last you the rest of your life. What I say to you on this note is invest wisely. Most poles aren’t returnable for hygiene reasons. There are all sorts of poles on the market but there are really only one or two worth investing in. Don’t go cheap on the pole. Just go to YouTube and watch the bloopers video and you will know why it isn’t worth being a cheapskate. I have seen it take place many times. Get the right pole the first time around.

These Tip were by Amanda Richwell from Ezine Article.

How to build your own dance pole

October 5, 2009

PolewstagelgDancing with a dance pole is fun for everyone. It’s fantastic exercise, resulting in tight abs and toned biceps. It also makes for some tantalizing entertainment, no matter who’s dancing on it! If you want to enjoy the excitement of a dance pole whenever you want, you’ve got to have one in your home. Fortunately, anyone can build one!

1. Measure te height from your floor to your ceiling

2. Go to the hardware store and select a piece of steel plumbing pipe. Have a store associate cut the pipe for you so that it’s 5 inches shorter than the distance from your floor to your ceiling.

3. Assemble the rest of your supplies in the place you intend to put the pole.

4. Take one of the plywood sheets and drill four holes into the very center of it.

5. Drill a hole into the center of the 1-inch piece of 2-inch by 6-inch board.

6. Use the four bolts to attach the flange to the 1-inch piece of board and the sheet of plywood. The bolts should appear through the bottom of the plywood.

7. Put the washers on the bolts.

8. Screw the nuts onto the bolts over the washers

9. Use the hammer and nails to attach the two 4-inch pieces of board to either side of the bottom of the sheet of plywood. One board should be on the left side and one board should be on the right side, parallel to each other.

10. Use the hammer and nails to attach the two 4-inch pieces of board to either side of the bottom of the sheet of plywood. One board should be on the left side and one board should be on the right side, parallel to each other.

11. Drill a hole into the center of the second sheet of plywood. The hole should be wide enough that the flange fits through it snugly.

12. Nail this piece of plywood to the pieces of 2-inch by 6-inch board on the other sheet of plywood. The two sheets of plywood should match up to each other exactly once this is done.

13. Attach the steel plumbing pipe to the flange. You can do this by twisting it on.

14. Slide a few bricks in between the two sheets of plywood to anchor the pole’s platform to the ground.

Tips & Warning

Place bricks around the base of the stripper pole to reinforce it. This is an especially good idea if you plan on having anyone weighing more than 200 pounds swinging from the pole on a regular basis. Just keep piling up the bricks until you feel confident the pole is as steady as it can be.

Don’t try anything too acrobatic on your dance pole until after you’ve practiced enough to build up a good deal of strength. You don’t want to pull a muscle, or worse, fall and break something important.

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