Pole Dancing Celebrities

March 31, 2010

Many celebrities have been taking up pole dancing as part of their exercise regime. Here are just a few of them that have found the joys of learning how to pole dance.

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton
Britney Spears has notoriously been reported to have received pole dancing lessons from pole loving Paris Hilton. The two stars had the pole dance classes at Paris’ abode, where she has a pole fitted.  “Paris took Britney upstairs where she fitted her in a blue tutu, and then Paris put on a matching tutu,” a source told the London Star. “They then went downstairs and began poledancing at Paris’ in-house pole. Britney loves her new moves and can’t wait to get a fella and test them out.”

The Spice Girls
The Spice Girls have been taking pole dancing classes! Apparently Posh, Ginger, Mel C, Mel B and Baby are planning to learn to pole dance for a racy dance routine in their forthcoming reunion tour, so they paid a visit to the infamous Soho Revue Bar for a master class.  A source told The Sun: “The girls all agreed that a pole dancing section in the show would be fabulous and sexy and they wanted to get some proper lessons from professional dancers.”

Lindsey Lohan
Lindsey Lohan is to continue with the pole dance lessons she took to prepare for her new film role as a stripper – because the sessions have made her a better dancer. The troubled actress plays a risqué dancer in new movie I Know Who Killed Me and needed to learn to pole dance to get into the part, and she’s now hooked. She tells reporters, “It’s a really great work out on the pole because it takes a lot of upper body strength”. “When I saw the scenes, I was surprised that I was dancing the way I was. I’m actually going to continue with pole dancing course because it makes me feel good.”

Kate Moss
In a recent interview with Kate Moss, when asked ‘how do you keep fit? Is it true you took pole dancing lessons?’ she replied, ‘I had lessons as its amazing exercise. It’s more fun than going to the gym. It is so hardcore: pulling your body up onto a pole’

Kate Hudson
The Sun quotes Kate Hudson as saying.” I recently started this really fun pole dance class. Well, every woman, when they take this class- and they should- realises pole-dancing is one of those things you don’t know you can do until you try.”


Moms Pole Dance to Feel Sexy and Get Fit!

March 24, 2010

Pole Fitness is the new trend for all people…even stay-at-home moms!

SACRAMENTO, CA – Stay-at-home and moms who work outside the home are finding a new outlet to release their sexy side. As an added bonus, they’re getting fit in the process. Pole dancing classes are being offered in suburban neighborhoods, like Sacramento’s Natomas area. They are especially popular with stay-at-home moms looking to feel better about themselves. Lisa Hellmann owns the new I Pole Dance Studio at 2057 Arena Boulevard in North Natomas. She opened her first pole dancing studio in Vacaville, January 1 of this year. Hellmann said it was so successful at that location that she decided to open the second studio in Sacramento. “It’s kind of a little taboo and I think that makes it a little bit more exciting for women that they’re doing something that’s a little risque,” Hellmann said. “We’re all the same in here. We’re all just normal women.” Hellmann says she’s never been a stripper, in fact she studied ballet for 10 years. Busy mom Danielle Garver said it’s something special just for her. “Sometimes when you’re a mom and you’re running around doing all these things for other people you lose a sense of who you are,” Garver said. “This sort of brings that back out.” Moms are also talking about this story on News10’s sister site Moms Like Me. Check it out!


Tips and Tricks for Before and After Your Pole Workout

March 15, 2010

The most exciting thing about pole dance workouts is they can burn tons of calories and fat while reshaping your entire body. Sound like fun? Here are the top pole dance tips you need to follow to avoid injuries and embarrassing falls.

What To Do Before You Begin Pole Dancing Lessons

The most important thing you can do to prepare for pole dance is to build some upper body strength, improve your grip, and improve your core strength and flexibility. Having a weak upper body and no grip is the primary reason so many women injure their backs or shoulders. Having a weak core and no flexibility is the primary reason so many fall. Pole Dance Workout Tips: Get started with 2 set of 8-10 of various types of pull up bar rows and pushups working up to 3 sets of 8. Bodyweight rows improve both upper body strength and grip strength. You should also add dynamic core exercises into your upper body routine to train your core to stabilize the body in unstable positions and to boost upper body strength further. Just 2-3 weekly sessions for a few weeks makes a big difference.

Right Before Going To Class

The three issues that will come up the most when you’re in class are slippery hands, clothes that get in the way, and tightness and tension that doesn’t allow you to move freely. Pole Dance Workout Tips: 1. Avoid moisturizing your body or hands before class to prevent slipping. If you have sweaty hands syndrome like I do then take a bottle of hand sanitizer (the alcohol kind) with you. Top pole dance divas also recommend mighty grip or liquid chalk but they advise that you not get too dependent on this stuff. 2. Wear booty shorts or fitted leggings. They both work, it’s really a matter of preference. You will bruise either way (more on that in a bit). 3. Warm-up at home for 5-10 minute. Most good instructors will include a warm-up before class but it’s never long enough. Doing about 5-10 minute of flow yoga at home before class will help you relax and also allow you to move more freely.

What To Do After Pole Dance Classes

After your first few pole dancing lessons or aerial dance classes your body might feel a bit beat up. Most people in my aerial dance class said they were sore for nearly a week. My soreness lasted about 3 days. You will probably have ugly bruises and/or sore upper body especially if you’re not used to exercises that requires you to support your own weight.

Pole Dance Workout Tips

The best remedy for all that is take a hot shower then ice anything that’s swollen. After you ice for 10 min. apply heat for 10 min. Let it cool then rub in some Biofreeze if sore or try some arnica gel on those ugly bruises. If you’re feeling extra tight go for an easy 10 minute walk then stretch for 10 minutes. Feel like somebody ran you over with a truck? Try a massage or some foam rolling.


Improve your Grip!

March 1, 2010

Have you started a spin and ended up on the floor half way round? Do your hands slip down the pole when you’re actually trying to lift yourself up?

You’re not alone

A lot of people have problems slipping instead of gripping when they first start pole dancing. And though it’s less common, some people have the opposite problem – they just stick too much.

Unfortunately it’s not something that will ever go away completely, but it will lessen dramatically as your pole dancing improves.

Here are some of the most common things to look out for, along with links to articles that go into extra detail if you’d like to read a bit more.

Too little grip

Sweaty hands are one of the most common culprits, and almost everyone has problems with this at some point. I’ve talked about ways to combat sweaty hands before, but perhaps the most important thing you can do is just relax – pace yourself and don’t try to do it all at once.

Work those hands! Many pole dance moves need a lot of hand strength to pull off successfully – much more so than other sports – and you may need time to build up strength in your arms.

You’re in good company here too, but most people find it comes surprisingly quickly once they start practicing regularly – while you’re having fun on your pole, you’re also giving yourself a great workout and toning your body!

Too much grip

Getting Into a Shoulder MountIt’s less common, but you may just seem to stick to the pole too much. Gripping too hard can cause you to ‘bunny hop’ while spinning round the pole (imagine bad clutch control on a manual car). Not perhaps the most graceful of movements!

Make a conscious effort to loosen your grip a little in easier moves, and try launching into spins a bit more enthusiastically, so you get a better feel for the limits of adhesion on the pole.

Just like too little grip, it’s a problem that will naturally go away as you gain confidence in your pole work.

Tips for consistent grip

  • Clean your pole regularly. Before, during and after use. Just wiping it down with a damp cloth is pretty effective, though using a cleaning product can give even better results if your pole manufacturer allows it. I personally find acetone (nail polish remover) is really effective. More about cleaning your pole →
  • Clean yourself regularly too! If you start to get a bit sweaty, dry your hands and legs off so you don’t end up smearing it all over the pole. And while it’s not good to make a habit of it, a quick dab of acetone on the hands and inner thighs will give an immediate dryness to the skin to help get you through those crucial moments. More products to help you grip the pole →
  • Use a towel to clean the pole. It may seem obvious, but the thicker fabric and texture of a towel is much more effective at removing any grime or sticky residue on your pole.
  • Think about what you’re wearing. Your clothes can make a huge difference to your pole dancing. Wearing a pair of pole shoes or boots can seriously effect on your pole prowess too.

Pole moves to help you stick

  • Hang tough – Simple, but effective. The hang tough really develops your grip, building strength in your hands. I’ve often started classes by getting everyone to hold a hang tough for as long as they can!
  • Fang – The fang focuses on building grip in your thighs, again allowing your strength (and perhaps pain threshold!) to develop.

Pole moves to help you slip

  • Spins – Concentrate on a variety of spins. Kick off with as much momentum as you can and try to make your spins as consistent and smooth as possible.
  • Floater transition – As it’s a one handed move, the floater transition should take advantage of your extra sticking power and help you start gliding round the pole. Hopefully it will give you a feel for the overall level of grip needed to spin effectively too.