Pole Dancing Tips & Tricks

September 8, 2010

1. To minimize injury always warm up and cool down before and after exercising.

2. Baring skin will enable you to get a better grip on the pole with your arms and legs.

3. Music is important to setting the mood and the pace of your workout.

4. Training in front of a mirror will help to make sure you are using proper posture.

5. Make sure you are always on a safe and stable pole.

Pole Dancing Better Than Yoga?

July 31, 2010

When people think of pole dancing, they usually think of a sleezy strip club. However, pole dancing has been used as an excellent source of exercise recently and some even say, they feel it is better than yoga. People who have been recently using pole dancing as a means of exercise have maintained that they feel the most fit they ever had in their lives. It has even been said that pole dancing was even considered to be used in the Olympics. With all this recognition…. will you hop on the nearest pole and give it a try?

Kendra’s Poles!

July 12, 2010

Even celebrities are in on the pole fitness craze. Star of the hit show ” The Girls Next Door” and “Kendra” and NFL player Hank Baskett’s wife, Kendra has her own personal line of sport poles. These dance poles are created with all different types of women in mind, those with little pole experience and for the best of the best pole dancers. The pole is a stationary, chrome pole that features the new X-joint technology and is adjustable for different ceiling heights. Try some pole dancing to get in shape! Even the celebrities are in on it….


June 28, 2010

Pole Dancing for exercise is rising more and more in popularity in recent months. With so much emphasis on the form of exercise, your probably  interested if you haven’t tried it. If it is something you think you would enjoy and view as an excellent, fun way to get in shape then you might wonder what you should wear. S Facter apparel offers excellent choices for things you might want to wear during your exercise. Check out http://www.sfactor.com today and get into some pole dancing classes to see amazing results!

Stretching before Pole Dancing

April 21, 2010

Pole dancing, like any workout activity, needs stretching the warm muscles, especially wrists. Learn pole dancing stretches in this free pole dancing class video.

Britney Stays Fit with Pole Dancing

February 15, 2010

The popularity of pole dancing with the celebs is expanding– now Britney Spears is a fan and says she stays fit during tour through dancing on the pole.

The pop tart uses the conventional device for exercise between shows during her ongoing Circus Tour and has asked for a pole to be installed at The Dorchester Hotel where she’ll be staying during the tour’s European leg in London, beginning next month.

A source told The Evening Standard: “Britney loves pole dancing, it is her new favorite workout. She gets the toning that she needs without having to hit the gym, and she wants to be able to do it in the privacy of her own hotel room.”

“Keeping fit on the tour is very important as her show is full of rigorous dance routines, so Britney likes to do her pole dancing workout every morning when she gets up,” the insider added.


Martha Stewart sees a future in pole dancing

February 1, 2010

Martha Stewart’s pole-dancing video has become an Internet sensation after she performed the stripper moves on her show Monday, but she now discounts the frisky romp.

“I didn’t do a stripping routine,” she tells me with a chuckle Wednesday during the American Antiques Show opening night gala benefiting the American Folk Art Museum held at NYC’s Metropolitan Pavillion. “I did the pole dancing, it’s called.”

She adds, “It’s a fabulous exercise. I look at it as an exercise.”

The 68-year-old domestic doyenne is “impressed” she didn’t wake up sore, and “definitely” will return to a class next week.

What moves does she most want to learn?

“The last one that she did – upside down,” she says. “That’s the one I’m gonna to learn. Next week, I’ll be doing it.”

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