FUNdementails of Fun Pole Fitness

The Fundementals 

Never forget the fundamental idea behind pole dancing – it is nothing other than sheer FUN! Make sure to put your heart and mind to the dance. Do it for yourself and for the sheer love for it. Like any form of exercising, the first initial days of endorphins will never be given any priority by you if you start having fun and letting yourself into the dance completely. Once you let yourself into the dance, you will never desire to come off the pole. When you dance to your heart’s content, when you don’t want it to stop, that’s when your body starts to respond to it by shedding off the extra calories. All the unwanted fat gets burned out and you can feel the whole new feeling in you.

It is not a matter that is to be taken lightly. I have witnessed the elation and excitement the people who pole dance have, resuming their practice at home and having a blast of a time. But if you belong to the group of people who proceed with the idea in mind and judge themselves on the basis of the progress made or those who are not enjoying the thrill offered by the dance, are the ones who end up without making any kind of advancement. Make sure to have a helluva time. After all life is worth enjoying!

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