Moms Pole Dance to Feel Sexy and Get Fit!

Pole Fitness is the new trend for all people…even stay-at-home moms!

SACRAMENTO, CA – Stay-at-home and moms who work outside the home are finding a new outlet to release their sexy side. As an added bonus, they’re getting fit in the process. Pole dancing classes are being offered in suburban neighborhoods, like Sacramento’s Natomas area. They are especially popular with stay-at-home moms looking to feel better about themselves. Lisa Hellmann owns the new I Pole Dance Studio at 2057 Arena Boulevard in North Natomas. She opened her first pole dancing studio in Vacaville, January 1 of this year. Hellmann said it was so successful at that location that she decided to open the second studio in Sacramento. “It’s kind of a little taboo and I think that makes it a little bit more exciting for women that they’re doing something that’s a little risque,” Hellmann said. “We’re all the same in here. We’re all just normal women.” Hellmann says she’s never been a stripper, in fact she studied ballet for 10 years. Busy mom Danielle Garver said it’s something special just for her. “Sometimes when you’re a mom and you’re running around doing all these things for other people you lose a sense of who you are,” Garver said. “This sort of brings that back out.” Moms are also talking about this story on News10’s sister site Moms Like Me. Check it out!


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