Men take to the poles

Men have been allowed to compete for the first time in the Australian Pole Dance Championships, giving them the chance to show off their slinky pole dancing moves in what is often a solely female domain.

The championships have introduced the Men’s Freestyle division and men are now allowed to compete in the Open Pairs division with either a male or a female partner.

Pole dancers from all over Australia gathered at Melbourne’s Thornbury Theatre last weekend to watch both men and women battle it out for top place in this strong and sexy art form.

Competitors are judged on technique, performance, strength and fitness.

The Aussie Pole Boys, from Sydney, won gold and bronze in the Men’s Freestyle, and took out a silver in the Open Pairs.

Winner of the Men’s Freestyle division Steven Watson said pole dancing is not simply a women’s activity.

“Originating as a women’s sensual style of dance, in recent years it has become recognised as a very technical and skill-based fitness exercise attracting guys with a background in gymnastics, dance and circus training,” Watson said.

The Star Observer


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