Pole dancing safety tips

poledancePole dancing can become a strenuous physical activity, so it’s important that you be in reasonably good shape before you even take your first swing around the pole. As always, you may want to consult your doctor before starting any new fitness programs. Pole dancing also has a few other safety considerations you should keep in mind.

  1. No Lotions: You should not have any type of lotion or oil on your hands before pole dancing. You need as much friction as possible so as not to fall off the pole. It’s also a good idea to wipe the pole down before beginning.
  2. Start with¬†Sneakers: While you may want to build up to wearing high heels while pole dancing, it’s wise to learn new moves in sneakers. Dancing in heels can be dangerous, particularly if you are attempting unfamiliar, athletic moves. If you do decide to switch to heels at some point, don’t start with stilettos or platforms! Weardance heels with a rubber bottom, wide base and ankle strap.
  3. Give Yourself Some Room: You’re going to be spinning around on the pole with your legs and arms extended so be sure to give yourself enough clearance. You don’t want to build momentum and go flying into your television set. Keep your pole dancing practice area unobstructed.
  4. Check the Pole’s Stability: It’s worth saying again. Check and recheck your pole’s stability. It should be secure and able to take your full body weight.
  5. Warm Up: Because pole dancing is an athletic form of dance, you’ll want to be sure your body is warmed up before starting. Your abs, quadriceps and arms deserve special attention.
  6. Don’t Jump Up on the Pole: You don’t want to throw your body at or around the pole. You build momentum for spins by walking around the pole and swinging your outside leg towards it. You pull yourself up onto the pole with your arms and abs. At no point should you really be jumping up onto it. You don’t want to bang yourself up.
  7. Dress Appropriately: When you’re first starting out, it’s important to wear comfortable clothes you can move in as opposed to constricting, “sexy” garments. If you’re a more advanced student who intends on learning inversions, you will want to expose your arms and legs in order to get more traction on the pole. As a beginner, standard gym attire is perfectly appropriate. Nothing excessively baggy, however. You don’t want your clothing to obstruct your movement.

These tips were provided by Mahalo.com


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