Olympic sport?

A VERY interesting article from Softpedia.com

A new form of fitness is currently being considered for inclusion among the sports at the Olympic Games. While the routine itself dates from many years ago and comes with connotations that would make some blush to the roots of the hairs, the founder of the Pole Fitness Association, Collette Kakuk, is telling Marie Claire it’s time to cast prejudices aside and welcome the new form of fitness at the Games. olympics

Speaking with the women’s magazine in a new interview, Kakuk stresses that the time when the routine was limited to a certain type of joints and clubs has long gone, since more and more women – and even men – acknowledge the health benefits the sport entails. In all fairness, experts and trainers do admit that pole dancing is one of the most efficient and fun ways of staying in shape since it engages all muscle groups while also defining them better than other routines.

If you look at rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating, so many of the movements are similar to what we do on the pole. We have to shatter the taboo. The pole is just another fitness apparatus, like a vertical balance beam.” Kakuk tells Marie Claire about the purpose behind the petition to include it in the Games. Should this be granted, athletes would appear barefoot and in fitness gear (like runners, for instance) that would allow them to be able to stick to the “fitness apparatus” without slipping. Judges would note athletes based on criteria such as “Leg extension, flexibility, elevation, and control,” Kakuk adds.

As of now, the PFA founder and trainer says, the Olympics Committee has not yet made a decision on the request. What it did do though was let the PFA know the criteria it met so far. One of them is international support, which the new form of fitness has plenty of, being practiced for this purpose in over 50 countries. Still, “we have 110,000 signatures on our petition. But we need to unify the sport. We don’t even have common names for our moves.” Kakuk adds.

If the Committee grants the petition, at first there will only be women’s competitions, since “most guys just offer to be judges anyhow,” as Kakuk puts it. They’re not to expect smiles and come-thither glances though: this is sports. As such, some moves will also be banned from the competition.


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